Wooden house turn-key – the warmth and comfort

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Happy owners of land first of all think: What House? It must be our own – warm, cozy, so that each member of the family it was comfortable and convenient. In the construction market is now a huge selection of building materials and suggestions for materials, design, architectural idea, using the latest technologies. But at all times, the most pure and healthy trees was considered. Having built such a house, you will always feel comfortable in it. Wooden houses are turn-key can be ordered quite a short time. Deciding to build a wooden house, you must carefully read the local landscape. Wood materials are not like water – and the close proximity to the river can affect the material. Carefully inspect the area. In the event that any party to a hill, in this place have to make a fence to protect the house from rain and meltwater streams. Firms that build wooden houses turnkey, primarily in the construction of the structure concerned with the protection of waterproofing material. Having defined the landscape and location, the next step – planning and architecture. Inside your house should be as easy as possible for all family members, and certainly everyone has their own wishes. But be aware that your home will be wooden. Pay particular attention to the length of the logs. The producers, they are at 18 and 6 meters. When construction on the site of the joints on the logs is cut down, and so they shrink. From the outside it is almost negligible, but in the construction of the length and width of the house of the future better than to count on the length of a log house, which greatly simplifies the construction and subsequent operation. By choosing a firm that builds log homes for key specialists you can discuss and choose a more acceptable version of the internal layout of the house. In most cases, to save space, all the barns are located outside the living space. A very common combination of several rooms: a kitchen-dining room, bedroom, gostinaya. Vybiraya project, be sure to note the presence of terraces or verandas, where you can gather the whole family and entertaining guests. Optionally, you can glaze veranda and warm, which will use it in winter. For each family the main thing – this is the kitchen. It should be located next to the dining room and placed at the outer wall of the house. If you have a large enough area of?? the house, it is advisable to make a second entry. It should be placed on the opposite side of the main entrance.

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